Housing Staff

Matthew Bannerman

Director of Housing, Operations and Programs

Matthew started working in provincial licensed and unlicensed group homes in Vancouver BC at the age of 19. Matthew went on to Manage several licensed and unlicensed homes winning awards for his work in that vocation for the next 15 years for the emphasis on inclusion of stakeholders and adherence to licensing and accreditation standards.

Matthew moved to Calgary in 2006 to join his family who were deeply involved in addressing Calgary’s homeless through their work at the Mustard Seed and held several Senior Management positions at the Mustard Seed. Matthew managed the areas of Housing, case management, Advocacy, Health and Wellness (including the Health Clinic), the Volunteer department and was the housing projects Manager. Under his leadership these areas underwent significant development. Matthew came to the Victory Foundation in 2013 and holds the position of Director of Housing, Operations and Programs. Matthew has 25 years of working with various demographics of people in a professional social service capacity. Matt has been married to Charmaine for over 8 years, they have 2 children Douglas and Lawrence.
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Cathy Miller


Cathy joined our staff in August 2013 as a Counsellor & Caseworker. Cathy has an extensive background working with disadvantaged or marginalized populations, both families and individuals, including those who are homeless, living in poverty, in care facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, transitional housing), experiencing physical, mental health, or developmental disabilities, struggling with and recovering from addictions, survivors of abuse, or needing assistance to navigate government, social assistance, or immigration services.

In addition to her experience Cathy is also a life-long learner. She is a graduate of McGill University (CEGEP diploma – Physical Science), Tyndale University College (B.R.E), University of Waterloo (B.A.), University of Calgary (B.Sc. – Psychology), and is currently completing a Masters in Disability and Community Studies, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary. Cathy is a wonderful part of the housing team in Ogden.
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Charmaine Bannerman

Housing Coordinator

Charmaine started volunteering at the Mustard Seed in 1995 and has worked with the homeless ever since. Charmaine spent 18 years at the Mustard Seed and worked extensively in Housing and Basic Services. Charmaine was the acting housing Manager on several occasions and was one of the longest and most experienced staff members there.

Charmaine has extensive knowledge of the homeless sector and inter-agency knowledge and referrals. Charmaine did this while parenting her own children, going to University and homeschooling two of her children. Charmaine came to the Victory Foundation in 2014 and started there as a caseworker and has now assumed the position of Ogden Housing Coordinator. Charmaine is married to Matthew and has four beautiful children.
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Kayla Strong

Kitchen Manager

Kayla started her culinary journey in 2013 by attending the Culinary Arts Program at Algonquin College in Pembroke Ontario. Kayla moved to Alberta after completing her program and worked for Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS), where Kayla realized her passion for serving in non profit organizations.

Kayla finished her contract there and came to the Victory Foundation and brings a level of professionally as well as a sincere desire to care for and prepare the best meals possible for the 60 men that reside there. Kayla is a wonderful addition the the Victory Foundation.
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