Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

  1. Complete the Housing contact form.
  2. We will contact you to discuss meeting for an interview and tour.
  3. Interview and tour will take place.
  4. Housing will be offered to the preferred candidate if we are able.

What are your expectations for residents?

This is difficult to answer, because of course there are an infinite array of personal circumstances in all of our lives. Some of us can no longer work due to age and/or ability and we honor that, as we all may face this. But those people that come to housing with an ability to work must work towards this in concert with staff. We don’t want you sitting in your room playing video games for example if you need to be working or addressing your health needs. If you are serious about life, you will do well here, even in moments of failure as we all fail. Honestly and relationship are what we value in our residents, we want to trust and be trusted. We may require variances to normal expectations like addictions support and/or money management if we feel that this is appropriate, but we don’t like to mandate anything unless we are in a positon where this is a necessity. Expect to do your part in house regarding chores, if you cant do this you wont be living here long. We expect you to do your part to keep the environment clean and in good order. Monthly meetings and some required events and courses may be required, but these are not onerous.

Do I get my own room?

Yes, we believe that residents need their own space (unless this is a mother with a young child). In our men’s housing in Ogden you will have your fridge as well. You have your own key and no one but staff have access to your room. We respect your privacy and except for necessity and maintenance we will leave your home as yours. We want this to be a safe “home” for you, so we hope you make it your home.

What if I have a criminal record?

We recognize that all of us have made mistakes, some of us very serious ones. We endeavor to work with everyone we feel we can responsibly, and we take risks. We expect people to tell us the “whole truth” as to their criminal records in the interview and failure to do so will result in you not being offered a place or we will not renew your housing agreement with us if you are already in our housing. We have many people in our housing that have a “past”, in fact we all do, but we expect honesty and transparency.

Do we have a wait list?

No, we don’t generally have a formal wait list as we find that there is limited success in us holding firm to a formal “wait list”. We are usually in contact with a few people that are in “holding”, but we understand that people may need to move before we are able to accommodate them.

Can we have child visitations for parents with shared custody?

Yes, we do allow this on a case by case approved basis. But only when a resident is established and successful.

Can we have pets?

No. Licensed service dogs are the exception (this must be verified).

Can we have people stay overnight?

No. We do not allow people to spend the night that do not live there. ALL visitors may need to be approved before they are allowed dependent upon location.

What are the program cost's?

The costs are diverse and dependent upon the location and what meals and/or food are included. Rent subsidies may be available dependent upon legitimate need after rigorous verification of that need. Costs start at $500 per month including food and go from there dependent upon site(s).