For 25 years, the Victory Foundation has taken a community approach in engaging Calgary’s homeless. We have done this by creating opportunities in neighbourhoods that are accessible to the homeless. We offer housing, food, clothing, support programs, referrals to other services, church services and a social environment. We believe this approach allows for a more seamless integration into Calgary’s broader community.  Changed lives bring life to a community and health to a city!

Meals chartVictory Foundation does real work … in 2015 we served over 82,000 meals to members of our communities. We provided hampers for 34,000 people, including families with children. We also deliver hampers to those that cannot get to us. The need for assistance is far greater than what we are currently able to provide through our generous donors, please consider partnering with us through a one-time gift or monthly giving in order to expand our ability to meet the increasing need in our communities. We would be happy to give you a tour or provide more information if you would like to get involved.
Call us at (403) 264-0598.


Victory Foundation is committed to increasing its safe and affordable housing capacity for women and children in 2016, and we are in the process of trying to purchase property in order to do so. In 2015 we housed 117 individuals that came to us homeless or at risk of homelessness. We have several homes currently for men, women and children in Forest Lawn. In Ogden we purchased a multi person dwelling almost a decade ago which was paid off in full through fundraising and private donors. Having the Ogden building and extensive renovations paid for, and with people providing monthly donations to our housing means we can offer 60 men a beautiful home, extensive and ongoing case management support, and meals for $540 a month. Please see our video to see the facilities or call us and we would love to give you a tour… they are the highest quality.

We want to do something similar for women and children on a much larger scale than we currently are, and we are asking for partners to help us in purchasing property and moving forward in this vision. This is a grand vision, but it is achievable because we have done it before and hundreds of people over the years have benefited from the courage to believe it could be done, and from the generosity of people who knew it needed to be done. If you want to partner with us in this, please indicate this in the comments section on the donor page.

Call us at (403) 264-0598 to come for a tour … we would love to have you involved!