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Our History

History of The Victory Outreach Foundation – Our remarkable beginning and our fantastic future

The Victory Foundation began as a ‘street church’ in Victoria Park in 1992, by re-opening an abandoned church building on the corner of 13th Ave. and Olympic Way. The street church and emergency supplies of food and clothing for the homeless were our first priorities. Shortly after opening the Victoria Outreach Centre, work began renovating a nearby house. This house became our first transitional house for homeless individuals who were looking for help in coming off the streets. In 1994 the first ‘women’s house’ was established. In 1995, the Victory Foundation began supporting a Cubs and Scouts program for the three communities within the area (Inglewood, Ramsey, and Victoria Park). A Youth Centre was established in 1999. Later on in 2001 we opened a Children’s centre, in what was once an equipment storage building for the Victoria Park Community Association. At the peak of our work in Victoria Park, we provided seven houses (with 35 rooms), a youth centre and a children’s centre. One by one, we lost our buildings due to the Stampede Park Expansion. In August of 2005, we began a new work in Forest Lawn with the planting of the Eastside Victory Outreach. This location currently assists over 150 people a week and the numbers are continuing to grow. In June of 2007, the Victory Outreach Centre and the Victory Foundation moved out of Victoria Park and into the community of Ogden. The new home for the Victory Foundation (and the Victory Outreach Centre) is now located in the Historical Ogden Hotel at 7012 Ogden Road. The Victory Foundation is an integral part in developing, sustaining and restoring a sense of community in the communities it serves.


We offer a holistic solution in order to serve the whole person. It is about meeting whatever physical, spiritual or mental needs an individual may have. In order to accomplish this goal, we offer a wide variety of programs and network with other agencies that specialize in areas that we do not. In doing this, we build a sense of community within the communities of Calgary.


The Victory Outreach Foundation is committed to Calgary’s working poor, citizens on fixed incomes, and people who live on the city’s margins. Our goal is to put up a ‘fence’ in order to keep people from falling into the ‘ditch’ of homelessness.