About Her Victory

HER Victory, specifically, under the support of the Victory Outreach Foundation, works directly with any girls or women who are impacted by and/or presently being sexually exploited, are a victim of domestic violence, or fleeing crisis. Our goal is to reach every female effected, in this city, and restore hope and advocate for HER. We open our doors Tuesday – Thursday, meet each individual where they are at and offer hot showers, emergency food and clothing, hot meals, a safe place to rest, care packages, AHS basic testing, direct support, stage one and two resource referrals, future plan and goal setting, support and most importantly we develop weekly trusting relationships with these women to walk with them in their journey to healing and restoration. We are often called by hospitals or police for women caught in this lifestyle, advocate for financial assistance, work with emergency housing and shelters for those in danger and work directly in the prisons to assist and support in successful reintegration. Every situation is unique and we meet these women where they are at and go at length to provide the necessary help they need. We are seeing women who have no other options or place to go come through our doors and regain dignity and hope. Some of these women are now living healthy lives, have families, jobs and even giving back by volunteering within the program. The Lord is changing these girl’s hearts, HE is providing in their lives and restoring abundant joy!