Gift A Quilt

Gift A Quilt Fundraiser

These beautifully hand crafted quilts from our very own Forest Lawn Crafty Bees Quilting Group will be given to future residents of our affordable housing project.

Options :

Key Points

  • Gift a quilt to future residents.
  • Donate now to help complete renovations at T and C so ladies can move in.
  • Bid separately which buys you the right if you win the highest bid to have your name embroidered on the quilt and provide a hopeful personal message to future quilt owners. If you don’t win the quilt of choice, we will contact you to move you to other available quilt to have your name embroidered on it.
  • 3 quilts are to be won only for people who attend the event.
  • Respond to Colette if attending by this Friday 21st.
  • View photos of quilts to see them

Quilt Catalog


We offer a holistic solution in order to serve the whole person. It is about meeting whatever physical, spiritual or mental needs an individual may have. In order to accomplish this goal, we offer a wide variety of programs and network with other agencies that specialize in areas that we do not. In doing this, we build a sense of community within the communities of Calgary.


The Victory Outreach Foundation is committed to Calgary’s working poor, citizens on fixed incomes, and people who live on the city’s margins. Our goal is to put up a ‘fence’ in order to keep people from falling into the ‘ditch’ of homelessness.

Attend the event for a chance to win one of these 3 quilts!

We are thrilled to offer a special prize for those attending our fundraiser in person: three exclusive quilts reserved specifically for attendees. These exceptional prizes have been carefully selected to show our appreciation for your support and to add an extra layer of excitement to our event.