Born Homeless


It’s hard to imagine that God’s Son would be born into this world homeless. But for Mary and Joseph, a simple journey back to Joseph’s hometown to be counted in the census was a journey that went from bad to worse. Starting with no accommodations in Bethlehem meant Jesus would have to be born in a stable and then to discover that, going home was no longer an option after a warning in a dream to Joseph to flee to Egypt because their lives were in danger from King Herod.

Theologians estimate the time Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were kept from their homeland to be anywhere from 2-7 years. Whatever the length of time, the desire to go back home was always foremost in their hearts because having a place to call home was key to the Identity and destiny of their Son Jesus [Matt. 2:23 “…He shall be called a Nazarene”].

Likewise, having a place to call home is key to the identity and destiny in the lives of the clients we serve. But even Jesus and His parents needed help on their journey out of homelessness. The three Kings brought gifts to encourage, honour and finance their needs through the vulnerable turbulent journey they were about to endure. These gifts and God’s hand in the matter insured Jesus would return home to Israel and fulfill His destiny.

Nothing is ever accidental with God. Jesus experiencing homelessness and being on the run early in life with His parents became a practical memory that I’m sure made Him more empathetic to those suffering the same plight. The eventual return to his homeland and a place to secure a stable future is the happy end of this particular story, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Like Jesus and his parents, many of our clients might be years away from finding that place they can call home again, but it’s a journey we are willing to walk with them in.

Dennis was one such individual who came to us 2 1/2 years ago. Initially, at the Manor, he kept to himself. But eventually, he got to know the staff and some of the residents. These relationships strengthened after Dennis was diagnosed with leukemia and spent a month in ICU. During this trying time, Dennis said it was the visits from the guys at the Manor and his own family that helped get him through it all. Today he has a clean bill of health a new faith in Jesus and a deep appreciation for the people at the Victory foundation who met him at a low point and walked with him through a tough trial. A few months ago we all celebrated as he moved into independent living and a home he could call his own.

The three kings played a significant role in supplying the means to sustaining the Christmas family during their homeless period. You may not be a king, but any means of support you can give will go a long way to helping us as we walk with the men women and children that are in, or on the verge of homelessness. Together we can ensure they will find a place they can call home.

2017 has been a challenging year as the economy slowly recovers, so we are asking you to consider partnering with us for $25 to $100 a month for 2018 or you can give a one time gift to help us get through the heavy demand of this Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas!

Don Delaney Exec.Director Victory Foundation